Always female and dating back to the Age of Myth, the Furies were the agents of Nemesis:

The [Furies] Erinyes often stood for the rightness of things within the standard order…. Predominantly, they were understood as the persecutors of mortal men and women who broke natural laws.

I do not believe in feminism. Or claim to be one. I do believe in the inherent stake we all, men and women, have in society and I do know injustice when I see it.I am rejected in left wing arguments when I support some of what they voice as an issue precisely because I am conservative. I am rejected in right wing arguments because I sometimes subscribe to view points wrongly consumed by feminists.

The Furies were written about before feminism came into being, centuries ago. There is a reason for this. They also did not discriminate. There is a reason for this too.

It’s a modern mess I’m working through.


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