Why should society belong to the Left.

With judicial and political equality well established in comparison to previous centuries, why are feminists taking issues all good men and women have a stake in and deciding they are feminist issues by virtue of defining them within their own political philosophy. I can grasp a few of the issues they raise but not all, and by arguing these points I might share with them, I often find myself absurdly labelled a feminazi.

This country is not and must not be divided along gender political lines. The first female Prime Minister of this country was a woman on the Right who never once voted against women on issues that related directly to them, in fact she upheld them, whilst rejecting feminist politics. Queens in our history ruled  in spite of the prevailing patriarchy and were respected and revered for it. These are good things. Things to be proud of. Not shovelled away in a corner because they are inconvenient to a left wing political agenda.

To my mind there are just as many witches out there who will shaft women for the aforementioned women’s rights. Just as many stupid women as stupid men. Just as many chauvinist women as chauvinist men. Just as many spiteful or selfish women as there are spiteful or selfish men. And as many female libertines as male.

It’s about things I personally feel, understand and read about feminism and where I can sometimes relate to the issues it contains whilst not viewing these issues as left wing or even feminist. And it’s about the wider impact on society. How things I understood and took for granted are now under constant attack, how views I might share a small portion of are distorted because of the way they are presented. Why men and women have a share in how our culture develops, how our relationships are formed. How the Polanski case more than anything reassured me that men do CARE. How the situation in Iran showed me women won’t stand by and permit any injustice not just patriarchal injustice against their own gender. How libertines, male and female, have destroyed what I always view to be the very essence of dignity, value and equality. Why all these issues should not be framed as feminist issues or turned into a devisive set of political strictures.

We are being subsumed into American styled gender politics unnecessarily.

In short it’s a very modern mess I’m working through.


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